There are so many things on my life I did not understand why that happened on me if I flash back again.

If I could choose to be back, I will learn to not fall into sin, I will not choose that way or this way either.

But that’s not life works, or God plans work.

Before I saved by Him, I was so hard to think why bad things always happened on me, beside great things happen.

But, right now – after He saved me over and over again. I realized God loves me. He really loves me, I know that bad things not from Him – but I was choose that bad things.


I know that God close with anyone even that people was runaway from Him. Sometimes If-If I’m like God – I will hurt because I saw so many people hurt me, hurt me everyday.

But I’m not God either, God have mercy and I believe about that. If everyone can define us by our mistake that we had before,our sins that we had before, our treasure that we had – but God never define us like that.

We still precious child on Him eyes. We still.

Even we had doing bad things


It’s so hard to understand anything, but God help us with Holy Spirit to help and guide us. So if you are right now going on difficult situation, or struggling something, ask that Holy Spirit to help you understand what God wants for you. Don’t choose randomly.

and God love you even you are great sinner or biggest sinner on the earth, as long as you ask His mercy with humble heart.

Malang, on rainy day – November 10th 2014




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