The Day After We Break Up

Nobody said that the feeling after breaking up its always easy, even you are young adult/adult or even you both decide to give up your relationship because you know this is not going to work, or because it’s the best for all.

You can probably going searching through website, how to fix this feeling, or crying out loud or doing something that can satisfy you for a moment.

That’s not wrong, everyone have right to feeling grieving after breaking up but don’t be so over and changed you to be pity/miserable person or you started to act like this all was your fault/their fault.

Well, the point what I’m going to say after you breaking up is you deserve to be in the grieving moment and don’t forget to be grateful

WHAT? Be grateful,really?

I know is hard to feel grateful after you going into bad situation whether predictable or unpredictable. The funny things is God knows you will failed on your relationship but we already fight the best, trust in His plan, that He actually want you to learn something, that the time you spend to his/her are not wasted.

Its been hard to trust His plan and His way, its been hard for me too. In fact I’m still process into grieving after breaking up with wonderful,awesome,faithfully catholic men in my life. We decide to end this relationship together after we know that our relationship actually not going work as we both hope for, we don’t blame our wasted time together or blaming God, in fact we grateful that we know each other and we feel like Brother & Sister in Christ right now.

There is time that all I want to do is crying a lot and there is the time that I feel really peace or even I feel flat, but I believe this is the best for both of us and God used us to learn something.

Well, for every reader who in the middle of breaking up/grieving feelings right now, all I want to say is you deserved to feel grief but don’t be so lost. Try to be grateful because that’s the sign that you already move on and you ready for new adventure in your life (it doesn’t always mean new relationship, okay)

“Broken things are precious. We eat broken bread because we share in the depth of our Lord and His broken life. Broken flowers give perfume. Broken incense is used in adoration. A broken ship saved Paul and many other passengers on their way to Rome. Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.” -Venerable Fulton J. Sheen


My prayers are for you!

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  1. So true!
    We shouldn’t put anything before God, Jesus Christ. Because He should be our one and only (:

    Btw, just so you know, I think you were mistaken with its and it’s. When you say it’s been.

    Any other than that, you are great writer! Keep it up (:
    And GBU

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