World Youth Day

The best thing I want to do right now is join World Youth Day. To be honest I’m just interested on this since a week ago. I had been know about this, but deep in my heart always says “Its imposibble Ana to join that” so that hope was gone.

After God calling me, and I saw how awesome World Youth Day is. A few days before I’m always updating my self with news about World Youth Day and I says on my heart : This is what I need for,and this is what I wanted for.

The next world youth day will be held on Krakow,Poland on July 2016. I ‘m trying searching info from my country who will go there, I want to get the information and luckily I had the news today.

Thanks Lord

but *deep breath* the news is make me confused and panicked. Its about the cost to get there.


Yes I’m work – I get my salary full but to be honest I have so much responsibility to paid that and this. The cost to get WYD 2016 on Poland begin with USD $100/month . Its easy and helpfull actually, but for saving with that number – I feel give up , I feel “oh God – its impossible”. I still try to find another side job than my primary job.

To be honest, right now I feel confused, Should I join this World youth day? deep in my heart still said yes but my logic thinking said “with What? and how”

Nothing impossible with God – I believe that. Right now I’m just need asking to my heart and asking guide from Holy Spirit to the answer. I should ask the reason why I should join this, right now the reason are  I want join world youth day because I want to be a part from every catholic youth who praise God together. I want to enjoy their happiness when they praise God together as a catholic youth and also I wanna see Pope Francis live. LIVE on me.


I must decide 2 weeks from now, because registration will be open from that, for everyone who had chance to join this don’t throw it, DO IT!

I hope I can decide wisely – Let God and Holy spirit guide us.


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