Know the Difference

Today I was surfing on the internet and suddenly open catholic playlist show on their website , I just want to hear some worship song and I was wondering because there are so many – many catholic singer and I never hear their songs.

Music on my life was important things because by hear music I feel rich *haha 😀 * but that’s true another that, I feel peace and I feel saved.  Lately I really like worship songs Newboys,JPCC,Nikita,Josh Groban,I’ll Divo and I just know them.

So after I surfing on catholic playlist show – I feel so WOW, and there so many catholic singer but their music was great. Right now I’m definitely fans of Matt Maher,PJ Anderson,Audrey Assad,Sarah Hart,The Priest and many more. For the people who had hear them song maybe I was so old  fashion, but for me as newbie and hear their songs I really-really enjoyed and I still open my ear to hear anything catholic singer or band.

Beside that, now I know the difference when I hear songs not worship and worship. When I hear worship song I feel strong again, I feel blessed, I feel happy, I don’t feel “melancholic” like when I hear not worship songs. It means I won’t erase all my collection about not worship songs, but I will selective again to hear what music I should hear.

One day, I was hear podcast, funny podcast but I’m forget who is speaking and I tell you, the theme of that podcast is “Do you put God on your ipod?” on that podcast,the speaker isn’t teach us to hate pop music nowadays, but the speakers teach us to selective see the truth on every lyrics, not only the rhythm is good but see the truth on the lyrics.

By knowing the difference its make us wise again to choose, its like when we read St Luke said today, to know the sign. For me another know the sign we should know the difference first.

So Let give ourselves to hear worship song, another that make us calm and that is the way we speak on God too. May you find the joy,the happiness,the truth on every music you hear.

God bless you and have great weekend,


Anastasia Ajeng

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