Weekend for Praise

Last saturday and sunday I feel so blessed and wonderfull instead happy and fun too. Everything begins on Friday Night, I was join Youth Community Charismatic Catholic. I’m new at that community, I feel so happy because that place was I wanted for long and missing for long after I join retreat at Tumpang.

On YCCC I was singing alot, and pray too and feel Holy Spirit comes, I meet new friends too which we praying each other and on that day my YCCC had 6th Anniversary  ( Happy Birthday YCCC HOPE) I get one gift after come.

I feel tired after join that community but I’m Happy, so much happy. I remember when I go to home I still singing. hahaha

At Saturday I have religious tour with another community the name of this community is St Yoseph the Worker Community or on Indonesia means KYP (Komunitas St Yusup Pekerja) , its really different from another YCCC but it was awesome too.

We go to Pusarang – to pray and devotion to St Mary. On St Yoseph Worker Community I feel so fun, happy and absolutely young. I was so blessed to be on that part community. This is some pict how fun we are

Religious Tour St Yoseph the Worker Community
Religious Tour St Yoseph the Worker Community

On this community I feel I found my home too, we are work together to praise Jesus and It was great.

Komunitas St Yusuf Pekerja Malang
Komunitas St Yusuf Pekerja Malang


Religious Tour at Pusarang Okt 14 by KYP


I was arrived at home at 10 pm at saturday after tour. I was so tired but I remember what God said on bible, ” A joyful heart is a good medicine” even I’m so tired but I’m happy. I’m grateful had chance to praise Jesus through His Mother again.

St Mary pray for us
St Mary pray for us

The reason I join their both community because I want to share my talent from God to the others, I want to learn from another presepective from the others and learn something new too.

and the story of praise not ended on saturday. At Sunday I was blessed again. I and my sister had chance to be lector on our chapel community, St Mark Chapel.

I usually had chance to be lector and I was bored bored bored. But right now its different I was feel blessing, because I had chance to share my talent to the others, I feel God use me to praise Him and thankfully on Him.

So I was make it as Joy and I take a picture before and after mass.

Happy to be lector
Happy to be lector – thanks God

Anyway, thanks God for your blessing and joy You give to me.For the new people you have give to me.

Please use me as your tool be the light and the salt of the world. Happy monday God.

Love you always

Anastasia Ajeng

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