Today I was visit my friend at work which she had birth her first child. Everything seems fine until I hear the story about how her husband help her when she wants to give birth.


Her husband office is out of town, it might be 3 hours from his place to his home, but because his wife want to give birth He was come with only 1 hours – I believe he was used maximum speed on his motorbike.

He said that He will do that because he loves and cant hardly wait to see his first child.

But the cute story not just ended on that, after he come, he help his wife to stroke his wife back, because his wife feeling pain so much when prepare the birth and he doing that with so much love.


“Love is sacrifice”

I was note on that way…

and she tell me how lucky she is to have that. Until my human attitude shown

“boomb – JEALOUSY”

I admit deep on my heart I was jealous, very jealous to her.

How to be not jealous,I’m single right now and I was dream to have someone like that, but thanks God that’s happen on a bit way because today I was read great article about how to dealing with jealousy by Pope Francis.


Pope Francis said when he jealous (I was surprised about this, He can be jealous too)

“When I am jealous, I must say to the Lord: ‘Thank you, Lord, for you have given this to that person’.”


Yes the gratitude to feeling jealous and after that I feel better. I was remember again that every story – every love story for each other was different just believe that my love story still on process by Jesus Christ and suddenly I feel calm down again.


Feeling jealous proves to us that we are human which have weakness, and because of our weakness we should know that only God can make us perfect.

So don’t feel guilty to feel jealous and don’t be feel jealous too long. Whenever you feel jealous remember what Pope Francis said.


May God protect and heal you from your weakness,



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Jealous [Management Love Relationship]

Disclaimer : tulisan dibawah ditulis merupakan opini pribadi penulis ketika hubungan pacaran, tidak berlaku untuk hubungan cinta suami istri, karena sang penulis belom terikat pernikahan 😀

Pernah denger kalimat kalo cemburu itu tanda cinta ngga?


malem-malem gini posting tentang jealous, well inilah pandangan saya tentang jealous dalam manajemen hubungan cinta [ceileh] .

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