Lesson from broken heart again

Hi anyone!

Sorry for long time I didn’t update this blog because I was healing my self  (instead God help too) because I was broken heart again on relationship. My relationship with my boyfriend was over a week ago.

So I need refresh my self, enjoy my pain and I didn’t want to write so emotionally on here..

I was broken heart or break up on relationship over and over again, I was feel like dumb,stupid and failed again. I was cry and mad to myself why it failed again?

so on my refection time alone, I sit and talk to my Jesus, I ask to God why every relationship I take always failed and I feel peace after talking anything to Him, even He didn’t answer to me directly but somehow I found a quote that encourage me

“Don’t be afraid, you’re not walk alone and you never failed on My eyes, trust on My Plan not yours”

That’s it, I feel maybe I’m not seek God seriously…

Maybe when I’m on relationship I just seek the fake happiness not from the eternal happiness which is Jesus.

So Did you afraid to take chance for love again?

Absolutely No, God is love – love is greatest gift from God to us. I’m not afraid to take a chance to be falling in love again, because I know God will lead at this time if I seek God first – If I have based strong relationship with God.

The lesson of broken heart makes me know that God will heal my pain, right now I’m feeling better than before. I let God fix my broken heart, I let to forgiving my self and my ex boyfriend and also I’m focus to enjoy what happen on my life in the future, I wanna involved on God plans for me.

Its okay if you stay mad or cry when you are on broken heart, but let’s move on. You are live on the future not at the past. Let God heal your pain, Let God fix your burden heart…

Find the joy being hurt or Find joy on every situation you take – I will say that and remember that you never walk alone.


God Bless,


Anastasia Ajeng



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God’s is not Dead

This is not a movie review, but I just finished to watch this movie, and this is awesome Movie.

It makes me realized something and I will write on this

(sorry if looks like I was high to write this, but I think my Holy Spirit leads me to write this)

This is message for people who didn’t believe that God is exist, message for people who walk away from God and give up to Him :

Looks sometimes life give us shit, all kind shit like we make that shit or somebody make that shit to us.

Life can’t predictable and sounds complicated and also like movie.

I was have turn over too on my spirituality life, sometimes when I have so many problem I seek God and when I don’t have problem I’m forget to Him.

and right now when we are down, when we have something that beyond our control, we give up, we just trying to figure who is wrong and why wrong.

So let me share a bit about this for you.

For me, all that kind of shit or something you cant control is the way God to call us. Why He need call to us? because He loves you, He just want to teach you that there is a power more than you have, more than you think and also more than you imagine.

He just need you put your faith on Him and let Him do His ways.

Its not easy to say this, its not easy to act this.

Sometimes, We shame to talk with Him. But I say this, God is merciful, God will always open the door for people who seek Him, no words “late” on Him. He not like us who have closed our heart to Him. He is great, He will open His door only for you.

So what’s should I do when I was entering His room?

well, just talk to Him, you can talk to Him as your friends, you don’t need like officially words, or If you cant still talk just enjoy the silence between you and God. He can hear from your hearts even you can’t say anything.

and this is for reminder, after we talk to Him, we will feel peace, but our problem maybe not solved yet. Please remember that God has timing and plan for us. Just put your problem on Him, even you think you didn’t have problem at all, you can say anything to God.

God will answer in mysterious ways, something that you cant expected and it was beautiful. And right now, this is will be your choice.

Will you give yourself to God so He can fix you? 

Will you accept Him and open your heart to Him?

God’s not dead, God is good and always.


Let me close this post with a prayer,

“Dear God,

Thanks for always be there for us even on bad times or good times.

Thanks for loving and accept us as sinner and still protect us as your precious child.

Right now, we just want to give everything we had to you, our past – present and future.

We let You to fix that as we know that you always give us power to be strong to struggle every problems.

Dear God, this pray is not perfect but You always know what we need for ourselves. 

Thanks God for everything. In the name of Jesus. Amen”




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Letters to God

Hi God,

How are you? I’m really sure you know about me so well more than my self (haha)

well, today I realized something that sometimes I always forget about you and you miss me.

I feel that, God.

And I’m sorry about it. I even shame to my self that I always come to you with this conditions. yeah like I was hurt or loneliness.

I often come to you when I was happy 🙁 poor me. But I always know that Your hug was open in every situation because You’re almighty God.

On this letter, I just wanna say thank you, thank you for every step the way you lead on me.

Thank you for be patience to me, and thank you for reminder me.

Reminder that I have the biggest and one stop solution which is that YOU.

I should no worry, because you’re my strength 🙂

so God, Thank you so much. Thank you for everything!


I love you so Much,


Anastasia Ajeng


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Day 03: My Views on Religion #misi30

Dan tantangan ini yang menurut saya cukup berat yaitu pandangan saya mengenai agama.


Saya sendiri merupakan sesorang yang tidak suka membahas agama setiap pribadi secara detail ataupun menanyakan agama seseorang, dikarenakan hal tersebut berkaitan dengan privasi.

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