Confession Sacrament

Don't afraid of confession
Don’t afraid of confession

I always scared,afraid and doubt whenever I wanna doing Confession sacrament.

I usually take Confession Sacrament when advent or easter session, another day I never have courage to ask.

I was afraid to ask because my priest will mad and judge me, I was afraid maybe the priest will be tell to anyone about my sins.

I think when I got Confession Sacrament twice on a year especially before christmas and Easter that’s fine because so many people will do that so the priest will not to care about my sins because there are alot people who waiting the priest to confess.

But, that’s the old me, a few a days ago. I ask confession sacrament to my priest after daily mass.

The reason I ask because I think I should to confess, I want a new life and confession sacrament makes me better.

I do still afraid, but my priest know that and helping me, I even know that He is not my priest, he is my Father, my God.

I have courage ¬†after seeing this video from life teen international (you can search it with “confession sacrament”)

Another reason are I was feel calm,peacefully than before even I still struggle about my sin (someday I will tell about my struggle)

Pope Francis on Confession Sacrament
Pope Francis on Confession Sacrament

I know God is merciful and I need His mercy so I go to Confession Sacrament. I bring my doubt,my scared feeling, my confused feeling and also my sins instead and I said on my heart “take this Lord, I want renew my self as Your will”

I even declare to my self to take regularly  take confession sacrament, I think God so kind, He give us tool to erase our sin with that.

So I hope you have courage like me to take confession sacrament, trust me if you still afraid that priest will be mad on you because your sins was too bad or He will talk about your sins to another people that’s not compare with the joyful who you receive after get confession sacrament.

Beside that the priest have promise to God not to tell your sins, so you can enjoy think that you tell your sins to God.

God will listen to you, will help you and will give His mercy on you IF you believe and want.

So let me close this post with message from my papal – my Pope Francis.

message on confession by pope

God bless you all..


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