Lesson from broken heart again

Hi anyone!

Sorry for long time I didn’t update this blog because I was healing my self  (instead God help too) because I was broken heart again on relationship. My relationship with my boyfriend was over a week ago.

So I need refresh my self, enjoy my pain and I didn’t want to write so emotionally on here..

I was broken heart or break up on relationship over and over again, I was feel like dumb,stupid and failed again. I was cry and mad to myself why it failed again?

so on my refection time alone, I sit and talk to my Jesus, I ask to God why every relationship I take always failed and I feel peace after talking anything to Him, even He didn’t answer to me directly but somehow I found a quote that encourage me

“Don’t be afraid, you’re not walk alone and you never failed on My eyes, trust on My Plan not yours”

That’s it, I feel maybe I’m not seek God seriously…

Maybe when I’m on relationship I just seek the fake happiness not from the eternal happiness which is Jesus.

So Did you afraid to take chance for love again?

Absolutely No, God is love – love is greatest gift from God to us. I’m not afraid to take a chance to be falling in love again, because I know God will lead at this time if I seek God first – If I have based strong relationship with God.

The lesson of broken heart makes me know that God will heal my pain, right now I’m feeling better than before. I let God fix my broken heart, I let to forgiving my self and my ex boyfriend and also I’m focus to enjoy what happen on my life in the future, I wanna involved on God plans for me.

Its okay if you stay mad or cry when you are on broken heart, but let’s move on. You are live on the future not at the past. Let God heal your pain, Let God fix your burden heart…

Find the joy being hurt or Find joy on every situation you take – I will say that and remember that you never walk alone.


God Bless,


Anastasia Ajeng



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