The Sexiest Man


I was happy because this topic I got after surfing internet today beside today is Father Day – so Happy Father day for every Father in the world, even Father to be – You awesome Man!

Because for me being Father is really coolest, the sexiest thing too and I believe every man going to be Father despite He choose to be marriage or not. You always being Father who protect a woman and anyone else.

So *let me cough a while* so this topic today is about the sexiest Man – I mean the sexiest Man on my verse because everyone have the meaning sexiest Man. Indeed?

OKAY, “the sexiest” sometimes we always meaning about physically, like a Man who have body on 6 packs, a great shoulder, a sexy beard (Oh God – Lord bless Him :p ) and a crunchy voice maybe?

huh – but I was put that meaning when I was teenager, like I remember how I really adore VJ Utt (The famous VJ when I kids – you will know if you watch MTV)

But now I’m 23 years old, a half way to be woman instead still youth. I have a lots of meanings about the sexiest Man and I have meet them too. So here we go the top – list meaning of sexiest man from me

1. Sexiest Man always PRAY. – There’s no more sexy thing I think another see A man kneel and pray – sit in front of chair on Church and watching (I think He talking on his heart with Jesus) tarbenacle and not hurry to go out after mass but let him self praying again to Mary. Its really sexy and cool.

and it will be more sexiness if praying rosary, REAL MAN PRAY ROSARY!

the reason of this : A man who puts everything on God know how to fix everything, know how being fully a man and you (if you woman) never worry, he know how to respect you.

2. Sexiest Man love his Mother but not being Mama Boy. He will loves his mother, respect his Mother but not being Mama Boy.

the reason of this : A man who loves his mother, will knowing how to act and also love you.

3. Sexiest Man work or college with seriously, It not means there’s no fun on them or they will geeky or selfish. No at all, not every geeky man are not fun, maybe you just dont know how to deal with them. Every human is fun. Believe that!

the reason of this : Man should work harder or study seriously, because he will be forever worker and have high responsibility in the future.

4. Sexiest Man look your soul not your body. Every human always seeing person with the body first, but be careful if the first Him see is your boobs, your ‘cookie’ or your another asset things. Even we try to modesty in front of men, but some of them are jerks too, so be carefully to understand the truly sexiest Man.

the reason of this : If Man loves you or interest with you because your body it never stay longer. Believe me, because our body will change until we died. We cant change the fact that so many man like that, but we can pray for them, hope their Holy Spirit guides him to be the real man.

5. Sexiest Man said I love you first and going to be altar with you another Sexiest man going to be priest too. 

the reason of this : because He know their purpose life about, to totally sacrifice with their neighbor or their loved ones. Maybe I’m kinda old fashion, even sometimes I said ” I-Love-You” things first but right now I choose to man to said it first. That’s the rule. We don’t need kneel on him, but He should kneel and asking the beautiful question (that I still waiting until now) .

So, I wish that my top list helping you to find the truth about sexiest Man. Not always about physically but I rather choose His act especially on woman.

But If you asking to me, Who is the sexiest Man on my life?

So with simply and proud I answer is JESUS CHRIST

and I still waiting the second sexiest man on my life.

Have a blessed sexiest Wednesday!





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