Day 13 : Collect

Hi everyone – happy sunday…

Right now I always collecting coin money and yesterday ago I collect some of movie ticket cinema..

I wanna share the photos, but the coin was on my office :p and ticket cinema still on my box which I lazy to take, but promise me, tomorrow I will make it.


(edisi males nulis :D)


udpate janji

siapa yang mau recehnya…




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Day 12 : 10 songs pop up in my head

Oh I love this

1. Hunter Hayes – Wanted

2. Charli XCX – Boom Clap

3.Etta James  – A sunday Kind of love

4.Hunter Hayes  – I want crazy

5. Calvin Harris – Blame

6. Jason Mraz  – Long drive

7. Mandy Moore – Crush

8. Birdy – Tee Shirt

9.Javier C ft Natasha Beddingfield – As long as we got love

10. Train – Marry Me


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Day 10 : hope about my future

so about my future.

I didn’t expect to be wonderful to be future. I just want I can be good mom (seriously?) yes, I’m super serious

I wanna to be great and awesome wife for my husband,and the rock-star mom for my child.

of course for my career path I wanna work from home, lately I much thinking about start-up company.

I just wanna live on quiet place with my family, living enough (not rich),just a simply life.

I hope it will be happen on me.

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Day 9 : My favorite blog

5 my favorite blog


2. http://let–me–fly–you–to–the– (about LDR couple this is so cute)

3. buzzfeed (oh please can I change this to be website – hahaha)

4. Hello Giggles

5. (its about DIY) yeay


how about you?

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Day 5 : Religion #misi30

oh this theme made me thingking so hard.

To be honest, I have roller-coaster on my religion life (forgive me Jesus!) sometimes I really deeply into it, sometimes I dont care enough. 🙁

and lately I was being to be far away from religion activity (I feel it). I’d still go to church,following mess but I feel empty. Sometimes it was like ‘yaaaaw okay okay I’ve done mass’ but I still believe on God, still believe my faith. (don’t you ever ask me about change my faith)

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Day 04: Drugs & Alcohol #misi30

okay okay about drugs and alcohol.

before I explain too far I made statement that I never use drugs before but I had try to drink alcohol (4.8% alcohol still alcohol right?) but I’m not addicted into it, still believe that banana juice was better than alcohol. LOL

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