My dream wishlist!

Disclaimer : every dream that I was  finished to learn and try I’ll be bold it 🙂

1. Attend Daily Mass everyday – first step, take it a month

2. See and following Mass with Pope Francis or My Papa, I really want to see him and really dream can praise Jesus on world youth day

3. Graduate on my university – (update it takes the half way to go)

4. Take scholarship to abroad

5. Take continue my study to be master/post graduate

6. Learn so many different language – Deutsch,Italy,Spain,French,Mandarin,Japannese

7. Have courage to drive car – I can drive but didn’t have courage to drive on road and I still learn to park a car 🙁

8. Inspiring people with my project, I dream to make a website which the contains can make people inspired by my thought

9.  Go to Vatican city and Israel or the Holy Land

10. Travelling abroad, feel the beach and visit local catholic church on there

11. Open my new restaurants

12. Raise a family with my future husband (where are you? LOL) I ‘m really wish that He will guide me to love Jesus and praise St Mary more than I am. He will raise our family as catholic family and He loves me too.

13. Have charity organization which I can help people

Now, Thanks for read what my dream of. I know my plans someday will change or not like on this dreams, but I believe God leads and my plan exactly what God plans for me. Amen.

God bless you.



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