Marriage part 2

Hey Everyone ­čśÇ [give all high FIVE]

I wish every of you is good like me, Amen.

Today I will talk about marriage, yes I was told you about the marriage on here but seems like when I wrote that, I still on high tension of emotion. Sorry, because I was so stressfull about it.

Right now I feel great to talk about it. so here We go


I always wanted to be marry someday,wearing white – seeing my husband with black tuxedo crying look at us because after all we had, finally we make it.

When I was kids, I know my vocational life will be to be marry. So I have so many things what I dream of and to do on my wedding.

After I know how relationship with my boyfriend was, after any pains – joy that I had into it, I realized that marriage its more harder, more difficult more complicated than on relationship.

But until right now, I still believe about marriage institution. Right now I really more find the meaning of marriage. Its not about the weddings, its not about I love you and you love me, its not about how sex or intimacy we want to make, Its not about how will financial going, its not about kids. Marriage its really super complicated.

After all that I learned (and still learn until right now) I know how the truly meaning of marriage.

Marriage its about how God as center on our life, how we are as spouse/family leading together closer to Christ because no body can make you satisfy (which is satisfy is about happiness) except The One that created you.

Marriage its about sacrifice,sacrifice and sacrifice – Its all about giving.

If you still think marriage need take and give, you will always upset. ALWAYS.

Maybe you don’t believe it, but that’s it – we can look St Joseph and Mother Mary – Th Holy Family from Nazareth.

Have you ever think if St Joseph can refuse to marry Mother Mary which is She was pregnant not from him?

Have you ever think, Mother Mary even can refuse to be pregnant if she wants.

But THEY NOT, They sacrifice their self ┬áand they even really love their kids – Jesus.


When you put your happiness to people, you will always upset,mad and bad. So maybe you will asking me, so why we should marry if there is no happiness on it?

oh that’s wrong. With marriage we will more closer to the Christ and we will happy – If you really ┬áreally realized about it.

Just like example, I never put God as on my center relationship with my boyfriends before, so I always think the happiness its about I have boyfriend.

But right now, I’m on relationship with man. I love him, really love him but this time was different, We put God as center of this relationship. We pray together, support each other and still keep try to far away from sins. So what I feel?

really different. I’m happy really happy – so I imagine if I was marriage, I will be more happy than this.


But I don’t want to be marriage its justification from avoid sins, because the ages, or anything. I still believe that Marriage was vocational life and its really-really sacred.

That’s why marriage need preparation, and I still learn about it, as long as I can to learn because right now I don’t want to wasting time get relationship if the purpose its not building family – leading to Christ together.

Well, I wish every reader who read this article really-really know about the meaning of marriage and I will pray for you.

God bless you all……..




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