Letters to God

Hi God,

How are you? I’m really sure you know about me so well more than my self (haha)

well, today I realized something that sometimes I always forget about you and you miss me.

I feel that, God.

And I’m sorry about it. I even shame to my self that I always come to you with this conditions. yeah like I was hurt or loneliness.

I often come to you when I was happy 🙁 poor me. But I always know that Your hug was open in every situation because You’re almighty God.

On this letter, I just wanna say thank you, thank you for every step the way you lead on me.

Thank you for be patience to me, and thank you for reminder me.

Reminder that I have the biggest and one stop solution which is that YOU.

I should no worry, because you’re my strength 🙂

so God, Thank you so much. Thank you for everything!


I love you so Much,


Anastasia Ajeng


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