A Letter for My Father.

Dear Dad,

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Me & my lovely Dad

How are you? I’m sorry before, cant tell you directly, I have so many words and I wanna tell with you on here. I haven’t had courage to tell you, I dont want to see you hurt because of my words.

First of all, I miss you Dad, miss everything about us, Do you remember when we are dancing together when I was little child? Do you remember when we always had lunch and dinner together after we go to church on Sunday? I’m very gratefull because I has greatest moment with you.

Not only about happiness, I never forget,when you angry to me when I broke our aunt statue,remember how you angry when I cant learn so fast about reading alphabet.

Now I dont want to angry with you, I wanna hear and listen to you, even you getting older now and actually annoyed me and my sisters sometimes.

I dont expect you will change for me on your situation now, but I will do change for you. Maybe a few months a go, we have “cold relationship”. I always angry with you, never listen to you and thinks that you never be there on me.

From now on, I will change my mind and my attitude for you. I will accept as who you are, time has go so fast, and maybe you change the way you love me and my sisters but We always know, that you always love us, even when you are angry or blaming something for us.

I’m really sorry had made you hurt before,you looks not hurt but I do know you hurt when I’m answer your question without not seriously.

Me & My Family and Minus My Sister, Dian
Me & My Family and Minus My Sister, Dian

I always pray happiness and good healthy for you, so we can together enjoy and celebrate our lives together.

For everything you had before, for us, thank you and you still to be the best dad on the world for us. No matter what happen.

I love you Dad,always.




Anastasia Ajeng



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