Today I was talking with my facebook friends, He told me that he was so depressed about his singleness.

So like usually I encourage him, but I think what I said doesn’t help him much #oh Lord!

To be honest, Today I feel same like him, No -just a bit , but not depresed :p

I feel like dumping by someone, or you can say like the new Taylor Swift song , Blank Space.

Oh God, but it doesn’t take longer because I know how to deal that situation,

Do you want to know single ladies? or gentleman how I can deal with that?


That’s my weapon, because sometimes I think Satan doesn’t want us to be happy, Satan have so many many many many many ways to make us sorrow, and We have free will to enjoy sorrow situation or find the joy about that (TAKE THAT SATAN!)

Be happy as single, look I’m still single too but I try to be happy single but  NOT LIKE FAKE HAPPY SINGLE!

Not Fake Happy Single is like someone who always crying, depressed so much about their condition until they didn’t recognized His blessing to us every time and usually they always think happiness depends by Human and have relationship with someone.

Oh man – Oh girl, wake up 2015 will coming and you still being like that?


I was read this quote :

When you never happy as single life, so you will never happy as you with someone!

I know right now when you read this, you will shake your head and you will ask, but How I’m being happy as single when everybody have someone, when people threat me differently as single (usually bad threat like something wrong with you) or when nobody loves me?

Aha! You ask me?

First thing first :

Look upon the Cross – See the greater love on there! See He loves you soooooo much more than you love Him (yeaa I know) and I really hate hear people said nobody loves me, I will rolling my eyes , no just jokes I will said look upon the Cross, see He loves you, if He not loves you, He will not choose die hang on there, but He loves you and He always beside you.

Second :

When everybody have everybody -> believe His plan, Trust God plans for you. He is more than director or writers TFIOS/If I stay/About Time/The Notebook (you can say every romance movie you like), He is the great love writers, and He still writing your loves story. You don’t want your love story being like such as boring movie right?

Third :

Shake it Off – yeaah looks like I’m swifties, but yeah I’m swifties – so what? :p

Shake it Off I mean shake it your life, whatever happen just shake it and don’t forget to invite God shake it Off with you. He is great dancer too, dont forget about that!

Last but not least! and moreeee important than above things!

Be Holy as Single

Attend Daily Mass  – check that

Go to Confession – Check that

Praying Rosary even 5th times a day – check that

Praying St. Anne Novena (or another novenas) – check that

Go to Adoration Eucharist – check that

Attend Youth Ministry for praise and worship – check that

Visit grandma or grand father or people on prison – check that!

When you have deep relationship on Him, you will  wondering about your self because He will show you and change you how to be the real man or woman, He will give you what you looking for a whole time, He will pass that bad things together with you but You should trust on Him.

Never ever think God was not funny person, HE IS FUNNY and HE IS FUN! Follow His way is not easy but its fun, sometimes we just need shake it off dance with Him.

So be happy as single and Lets we dance Shake it Off and Happy – Pharell song

I’ll sent my prayers on you!


Anastasia Ajeng


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