Finally someone stole my heart.

Hi everyone,

its long time ago , I never writing anymore because my life was so busy about work and college [finally i got project to finished my school this year]

Today, I dont want  to talk about how my life was so busy a few months ago, but I want to tell happiness story, about finally I can open my heart again..

I was so lucky and blessed to have him. Even we had long distance relationship, but I’m very gratefull about that.

He was on Germany and I’m here.

It was begin when we have same something in common – oh ya we meet on application on our handphone. Maybe you think that I was strange, falling in love with somebody who I didnt meet before or I knew before but thats why our love work [if you didnt like it, you can close this window haha]

He was so nice and kind, first of all I’m really dont think he will be that, until I’m really want to know him more, and he wants too. So, at 30 July 2014 we finally agree to get to know each other.

I know its really hard to do for make long distance relationship, which its more hard for me because he was soooo far away and I was so far away from him 🙁

But we believe it will be works, because we feel we connect each other, I feel he was my Marshall and I’ll be Lily for him (for everyone who watch How I met your mother will be know this).

Maybe distance separate our body but distance never separate our hearts.

why I love him?

He make me believe that there is true love still exist even we had different culture, distance and so many problem but thats love grow up right?

He make me, I’m the one for him, not just word but act too…

He love me just the way I am,which I’m not perfect as physically – have fragile heart too, sometimes sensitive too but He loves me, he loves just the way I am.

He give me change to trust and love someone again when I still had trauma about my last relationship before.

He is my best tv partner, my best friend when I’m happy and sad, he is my brother whenever i need hug from my brother. [ and I do hope so, he will be my partner on playing PS3 together – hahaha]

He treat me like I’m his Quenn and he was the King even I just knew him on two weeks.

and I do hope so, He will be the answer of my pray after everything I ask to God.

so, thanks to you [BF] for make me the luckiest woman in the world – I’m so happy and I do wanna grow old with you







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