Dear God,

Hai God,

Good Morning,

How are You? I hope You always fine and not bored with people like me :p

In this post I wanna talk to You, I wanna chat with You.

First of all, thank You for everything You have done with me and will be done with me & for people who I love.

I know, You always know what I want, but You always give what I need first.

Maybe, at this time, You think I’m not capable with it, but please can you keep for me?

Maybe its too much for me, but actually I need it.

I know you always be there for me, always online for me.

But sometimes, i feel faraway from You.

I dont know why, maybe i’m too focus of expecting find someone in my life.

It hurt, God (for your information)

It hurt to find that, I must waiting and sometimes i’m too expecting too much.

(can you cut this feeling anyway?)

I know, You still keep him right?

please take care of him God.

Make us meet in Your time plan, God.

and when we are waiting Your time God, make us learn how to be patient(strong) for hope something, keep happy and trust that You have the best plan for us.

I know, I’m too much of asking,

I’m just little child who always believe on Your miracle.

I love you God, always and forever.

Thank you.


with full of love from me,
your little child.

Anastasia Ajeng


*in my office on lunch time*

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