Day 5 : Religion #misi30

oh this theme made me thingking so hard.

To be honest, I have roller-coaster on my religion life (forgive me Jesus!) sometimes I really deeply into it, sometimes I dont care enough. 🙁

and lately I was being to be far away from religion activity (I feel it). I’d still go to church,following mess but I feel empty. Sometimes it was like ‘yaaaaw okay okay I’ve done mass’ but I still believe on God, still believe my faith. (don’t you ever ask me about change my faith)


I still believe that religion just the way to seek God. So I respect anything kind of religion but I didn’t respect people who judge wrong about another religion which they hate or they didn’t following or maybe some people who think that their religion is the truth and the only way.

I didn’t like some people who judge by their religion, that’s why I’m the one who standing when ID card its not should appear religion column.

Why? because some people on there was judging and I had some ridiculous reason why that column should be on there (for me its funny) they said they put on there its to know  and take care for funeral ceremonial. Why its ridiculous for me? because its not for your business.

I think that religion was personal, its not like to be share. because of what? because some people doesn’t respect about it, they will be judging it- and I hate it, it might be okay to appears on our ID card but for what? seriously its unnecessary  (give me reason why it should be there)


I believe that everything religion was right – I respect their ceremony , even someone who choose to be atheist and since we are born we have right to choose our religion. I do feeling sad too 🙁  when religion was to be reason for war – for killing somebody because they think God tell that to them.

Oh please, only sick or stupid people who believe that, why we should to be killing each other to make God happy? Is that God will be happy when we life in war with killing anyone? and why God need us to killing anyone? why not God just directly killing us?

God was Almighty remember that.

please, the religion its not the reason to hate-to judge-to killing each other.

Religion should make our life better with respect each other, to help each other, to seek God and God will be happy about that.

I hope my view or my insight of this  not make you confused about it, just forget or close the window if you disagree about this and I’m not judge you.

well – I hope every human kind was happy and healthy today…


Anastasia Ajeng




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