Day 21 : Education #misi30

For me Education is important but is not  make you more wisely.

school was important to make you have skills, a good job and another joy (much money etc) but It can’t make you more wisely. Why?

You can call me pathetic but I have been meet some of my friends and also some of my family member who make their HIGH education to change them to be like arrogant,over bearing – what ever you meant it, its just makes they too much proud.

I’m not said that I’m not proud about my background education, but I’m proud about it and just enough. I admit I’m just graduated from vocational high school,which we are arrange to work not for college which if we realize most of all doing college just to find and get jobs right? but ask person who going to vocational high school, they only prepare for 3 years into it.

I’m not gonna say the people who take vocational high school will be get senior position level on job, but they have experience than anyone who never work before.

Because life at school and life at work its REALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!

anyway, back to the topic.

When you get some or high education its can be boomerang for you to take control your self especially who learn on famous college too.

Boomerang means you will act like idiot people who really talk to much about how you proud about their educational,their campus and bla bla and you lose your control and you will judging bad for anyone who not have standard education like yours (famous college,master graduate,post graduate,cum laude or anything)

I always assume this people are idiot.

That’s why I assume how high education you get cant make you are more wisely.

But I met some a few people who still humble and kind and please notice -proud-but-not-so-much-just-enough about their high education. They think their education just clothes to make them can give more to the other, not just to judge everyone who have same education like they are.

I’m not going to tell what my plans about my education, you will boring to hear it,

but I wanna talk to you this :

No matter how high your education it is, no matter what major you take, no matter what your cum laude you get on college or not, no matter famous collage you take etc, still remember education just a tool to make you can give anything you had on there to the others.

I’m sure you will not remembering by (when you die) “look she was from MIT” or “look he is professor at Harvard” but you will remember by the action you give when you life like example :

“she was spent her time on the weekend to teach computer for old people at nursing home”

yeah its hurt sometimes, you will not remembering by your famous college you take,by high education you take.

But c’mon when you can give or share your skill to anyone, they will respect you as much as you want – without you tell them “I’m from blabla university,I take master blabla…”

so this is a little view about education, I hope you will inspire and feel free to discuss this at the column comment on under this post.

So have a nice Monday!


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