Day 18 – 19 – 20 #misi30

Hi hi everyone…

sorry I was busy abit this weekday, so today I will mixed up about this challenge, so here we go

Day 18 : My Highs and lows of this past year

this time make me remember so hard about past year, I just remember the lows but this is high moment that I remember

My high moment when I’m 22 years old, it feels like taylor swift. hahaha but I’m very gratefull at my jobs, and I found my passion.

My low moment, when My second sister was have neufrotic syndrom (about her kidney) and untill now she still take care about it, and I was falling in love and make relationship with wrong person.

Day 19 : 10 My Favorite Foods

1. Noodle (anything about noodle)

2. Lasagna (cheese and pasta was so wonderful to me)

3. Pempek Palembang

4. Pizza but not pizza hut indonesia

5. Kebab

6. Gudeg

7. Fried rice

8. Bakso Malang

9. Vosco spicy macaroni (its really delicious, you’ve should check that at Vosco Cafe Malang)

10. Gado gado

Day 20 : My best physcal feature

absolutely my nose hahahaha, I was gratefull about my nose but lately I think my hair too. Looks like I’m not from Indonesia. hahaha

but overall, I’m gratefull for everything on my body.



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