Day 15 : My Handbag #misi30

hello people

Writing challenge today is about inside my bag. HAHAHA *why you laugh Ana?* Because you can see the woman from the bag her bring.

First of all, my boss always said that I usually bring big bag for work, and yes I always do. But its different when on weekend going to campus or party.

Well this is inside my bag

see how complicated I am *haha*

I have so many pocket for key,make up,some medicine,token for ibanking,rosary.

I usually bring additional bag its just to keep if I buy something *sounds like Moms* sometimes I bring umbrella too

That things always I bring everywhere I go, so you can imagine my life without that. HAHAHA except the drive book, because today I got drive class *finally I make it*


this is my bag

tomorrow I will tell about something in my fridge or my box..

so see you!

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