Day 14 : Somewhere I’d like to move or visit

Hi everyone!

Happy monday, today I wanna talking about where place I wanna move or visit right now.

First I wanna move or visit Idar Oberstein – Germany

lovely idar oberstein

the reason its just because My BF lives there, but also IO have quite place for living and so many castle (like my dreams come true) if I live on there.

Second, I wanna visit to NY

time square NY
New York

seriously? NY yes, its to good to see NY Times Square hahaha, but not just like that, I wanna work at there.

Why I seems wanna runaway?

because I was feeling sucks to live here, first because my country condition not so good lately, and I think as citizen we have right to choose the best way for living.

but I love my BF not just only for help me to out this situation, but I wanna work at there too.

I wish this will be come true.


source by : pinterest

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