Day 11 : First Kiss & First Love #misi30

Okay, First Kiss & First Love.

I have it but I don’t want to share it (Sorry Guys!)

It just so cliche for me, you know the paradigm of First Kiss & First Love.

Yeah First its about first but I think its important to be last forever than the first.

Its not kinda I’m not in relationship with my first one, but I have theory that the one who stick with me forever is my first one.

I mean it, no jokes.

and maybe this is out of theme today, but I want my Bernd Figgle to be my first one.

I do really want because he makes me feel wanted everyday and make me feel good about myself.

He is not handsome, good looking enough (sorry dear – I love you) but he complete me, he make me feel like a million dollar and he make sure that I was loved by him.

and I just need that for the rest of my life nothing more and nothing less.

Its really enough for me even the distance between us so suck right now, but I want he become my first one and I cant wait he will be the first morning I will to say Good Morning and the last one I had to say Good Night. (Oh God Damn It – I really want it)

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’ll be meet someone who really “first” for yourself.


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