Day 08 : My worst habits #misi30

Well, about my habits right now.

I have two top list bad habits that I realize too.

1. Eating my nail

This habit still goon until right now. This is started since I was little kids maybe on 6 y.o, I always afraid to cut my nail (somehow my mother always help me to cutting my nail) and I think its better idea to cut my nail with eating them. HAHAHA and it was happen until now. I’m not afraid anymore right now but I don’t know, eating my nail makes my feel so good. Whenever I’m nervous something, I’m usually bite it and feels good. But I do hope this habit will be stop because now the shape of my nail was so bad.

2. Sleep while texting at night

Oh this is my bad habits too,sleep while texting. If you texting with me at night, you must consider that usually I can suddenly sleep. My boyfriend said that I’m like sleeping beauty, whenever he texting me (usually at night and we had different time zone).

Sometimes I feel ┬áso tired at night and that’s why make me feel so sleepy and I feel this is inappropriate too, because I’ll suddenly leave their chat without give them notification that I wanna sleep.

I wish two top of list my bad habits can gone immediately . Have an awesome Tuesday!




Anastasia Ajeng

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