Day 07 : 30 facts about me #misi30

So today I will write about 30 facts about me, here we go

1. Friendly with new people but have short best friends

2. Movie freak and also movies series freak

3.Addicted to cheese,Nuttela,caffeine

4.On time

5.Always on plan and have plan

6. day dreamer

7. have curly hair

8. Suddenly fall asleep at chat on the night (hahaha)

10.Love cooking and try new recipe

11. Prefer dog not cat

12.Wanna be photographer but right know I just sell my camera 🙁

13.Family first

14.Wanna spend the rest of my life at abroad not on Indonesia

15.Sometimes have style like teenage girls like enjoy using converse and tshirt, but sometimes I do style like a lady with loubutin and my prada (sigh)

16.Wanna learn Dutsch Language and live at germany

17.Still cant drive car until right now

18. Interested at HR and advertaising media

19. Green,Black and Grey are my favourites colors

20.Enjoy listening some kind music genre,but sometimes not the top one chart music

21. Yoga & Jogging was my favourites exercises to do

22. Never watch a concert live

23.Swifties fans *haha* but I love Jason Mraz and Calvin Harris too

24.Love beach so much

25.My BF said to me that I’m food monster and sleeping beauty *haha* writing but sometimes just stuck on my head (ouch)

27.Doesn’t have a body shape like the average person asia in general and its so hard to find clothes and shoes 🙁 but I’m not so fat or big [poor me]

28.Want to have apple product (oh please)

29.Last book I read was The Fault in Our stars John Green but I didn’t cry at all

30.Feel trapped at Particle swarm optimization *hahaha-be right back doing my project again*


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