Day 03 : Where I like to be on 10 years

Day 03 : where I like to be on 10 years from now?

So,where I like to be on 10 years from now ? Definitely on abroad from Indonesia. I will leave this country its not because I didn’t love my country but because I really want to know how upgrade and challenge myself to survive on abroad and I will enjoy snow – that’s what I want from little kids


Ten years from now it means I’m thirty something. On that age it means golden age for me, and I don’t want wasting my time to just work at Indonesia and the country where I want to live are on Europe  – US and also Aussie especially on Germany.

why Germany?

because I love the culture, I love the people (oh C’mon, I know my boyfriends was there) I love dicipline country with clearly regulation but also nice to stay.

I really want to go abroad and come out from my comfort zone on here and start from now I was learning what I should prepare to do.

To be honest nowadays I didnt following so many news about my country (hahaha) I’m really tired to read of it, My timeline on facebook (ugh facebook still turn on right? :p ) was about whats going on the world even on Germany or United States.

How about you?

where city you wanna stay at 10 years from now?


best regards,


Anastasia Ajeng


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