Day 01-Introduction & Recent Photo #misi30

Hi everyone, before I write about challenge for today I wanna take apologize because I had failed to write my mission on 30 days before,it only stay on 3 days, after that I was so busy and etc (dont blaming Jeng – dont blaming hahaha)

well, today I was happy because one of my best friend told me that she was so inspired to read my blog – and I was so happy and she ask me to keep write on this mission and also she join this challenge too. This is her blog.

Well, let me make amends about this challenge.



Okay I will introduce myself more than section “about me” on this blog.

My name Anastasia Ajeng (you know from this address) , you can call me Ana or Ajeng (usually for foreign people I recommend you to call me Ana because they felt so hard to said Ajeng) I was born on 90’s era and so proud about it.

I’m Aries woman (I hope you know well about this) Every weekday I work as HR & GA Staff on internet service provider company and every week I’ll be young again and being student – and old student actually on my campus, this year was my last year.

I really interested on Human Resource and Social Media also Photography , that’s what my dream job on the future but now I was trapped on Telecommunication Engineering system field on my college and still busy about my research about Particle Swarm Optimization.

I’m addicted to watching movies and serial movies too, I’m always started my day with coffee sometimes I tried new recipe based on my head (usually simple recipe) , I’m cheese freak, I like culinary travelling and also read some good book.

I have curly hair which I was being frustated to make it straight hahaha but now I choose to be natural, because of that some of my friends call me “gelombang cinta”, gelombang cinta looks like leave which have curly big leave.

I’m not slimming person too hahahha, The only thing exercise I like is Yoga (namaste) and hmm sorry and also jogging. I’m daydreamer and really – really organized woman, I feel OCD about that.

I hate being late it means I love on time, I do work fast sometimes talk fast too. The biggest mission in my life is make other people inspired from what I do. I just have few best friends, because for me a few best friends means anything than I have so much best friends. Lately I’m going to be Nutella freak too even nowadays was Ovomaltine season but I still love Nutella.

I’m not person who always following whats trend on music right now, sometimes I enjoying listening random music. I’m big fans of Westlife and sad why they separate 🙁 lately I was fans of Calvin Harris and Jason Mraz

I think this is enough for me to introduce about me,

how about you?I  feel happy to hear about you with write down on this post.

well see you on next chapter,

Stay young and healthy,

Anastasia Ajeng

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