Daily Mass


So,  right now I was really exited to following or attend mass everyday.

I feel Jesus invited us – of course it free – to come and see Him at mass especially on Eucharist. It’s not about i will be to be nun someday, or I was depressed because I just hurt broken (but I admit it that)

But when I’m attend mass I just feel peace and happiness. The happiness that I always try to find it on. I feel the moment on silence before mass want to started, is the moment God speak with me.

After following daily mass, maybe my problem still there (of course it is) but I feel so strong to courage my problem and also to face it.

I feel Jesus always said to me “come,seek me and join me on my party everyday” and that is Daily Mass.

It takes only 30 minutes on your life everyday to enjoy Jesus party.

I admit it that following daily mass need strong intention because for me I should wake up early morning, asking my driver to take me on church and I also I will come to work with early morning too.

But that’s worth it, I feel like I was reborn again , I have strong to face anything today and also I can find joy in every moments even on silence moment.

With following daily mass, I believe Christ come at there. It will be sad if Christ had given us 24 hours to work but we can repay by following and enjoy His party on Mass with only 30 minutes.

With following daily mass, I feel I was look and hug by Mother of God, Virgin Mary, I usually takes 15 minutes to pray rosary. When I feel I cant speak anything I just keep pray rosary because I believe Mary knows what I need.

So, will you take your time for enjoy Jesus Christ party on your life everyday at 30 minutes?

May your problem not solved but it changed you the way you see your problem.


May God bless you abundantly





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