Be Holy

Everyone wants to go on HEAVEN and I’m not sure if one of you want to go hell (heck no)

And the next question is,what should we do before so we can get tickets to heaven?

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Saved by His grace

last week on Sunday, as catholic we celebrate the feast Christ The King and I was on duty being a lector or reading the bible on mass.

I usually read the bible before going mass especially when I’m on duty so I’m not only to read them to people, but I really make them understand what the message form God.

And while I read on the first reading (EZ 34:11-12) I remember something because this quote :

Thus says the Lord GOD:
I myself will look after and tend my sheep.
As a shepherd tends his flock
when he finds himself among his scattered sheep,
so will I tend my sheep.
I will rescue them from every place where they were scattered
when it was cloudy and dark.
I myself will pasture my sheep;
I myself will give them rest, says the Lord GOD.
The lost I will seek out,
the strayed I will bring back,
the injured I will bind up,
the sick I will heal,
but the sleek and the strong I will destroy,
shepherding them rightly.

Whoa, that quote burn in my heart, that’s why I choose first reading.

It makes me remember I was saved by His grace everytime. I still a sinner, especially on a few times ago , a truly sinner.

but God loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss me soooo deep, He save me (even I still feel He always saved me every time) Only by His grace I was feel happy and blessed like right now.

Yes, He is the king of the king, I was ashamed by my sin, but I was happy that sin make me knows the truth about Him, that He always be with me (and also be with you) if only we surrender all we have.

so Thanks God, for always save me, Thanks for your grace and Your Mercy.


From Your Daughter who lovessss You soooo much,


Anastasia Ajeng

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The Sexiest Man


I was happy because this topic I got after surfing internet today beside today is Father Day – so Happy Father day for every Father in the world, even Father to be – You awesome Man!

Because for me being Father is really coolest, the sexiest thing too and I believe every man going to be Father despite He choose to be marriage or not. You always being Father who protect a woman and anyone else.

So *let me cough a while* so this topic today is about the sexiest Man – I mean the sexiest Man on my verse because everyone have the meaning sexiest Man. Indeed?

OKAY, “the sexiest” sometimes we always meaning about physically, like a Man who have body on 6 packs, a great shoulder, a sexy beard (Oh God – Lord bless Him :p ) and a crunchy voice maybe?

huh – but I was put that meaning when I was teenager, like I remember how I really adore VJ Utt (The famous VJ when I kids – you will know if you watch MTV)

But now I’m 23 years old, a half way to be woman instead still youth. I have a lots of meanings about the sexiest Man and I have meet them too. So here we go the top – list meaning of sexiest man from me

1. Sexiest Man always PRAY. – There’s no more sexy thing I think another see A man kneel and pray – sit in front of chair on Church and watching (I think He talking on his heart with Jesus) tarbenacle and not hurry to go out after mass but let him self praying again to Mary. Its really sexy and cool.

and it will be more sexiness if praying rosary, REAL MAN PRAY ROSARY!

the reason of this : A man who puts everything on God know how to fix everything, know how being fully a man and you (if you woman) never worry, he know how to respect you.

2. Sexiest Man love his Mother but not being Mama Boy. He will loves his mother, respect his Mother but not being Mama Boy.

the reason of this : A man who loves his mother, will knowing how to act and also love you.

3. Sexiest Man work or college with seriously, It not means there’s no fun on them or they will geeky or selfish. No at all, not every geeky man are not fun, maybe you just dont know how to deal with them. Every human is fun. Believe that!

the reason of this : Man should work harder or study seriously, because he will be forever worker and have high responsibility in the future.

4. Sexiest Man look your soul not your body. Every human always seeing person with the body first, but be careful if the first Him see is your boobs, your ‘cookie’ or your another asset things. Even we try to modesty in front of men, but some of them are jerks too, so be carefully to understand the truly sexiest Man.

the reason of this : If Man loves you or interest with you because your body it never stay longer. Believe me, because our body will change until we died. We cant change the fact that so many man like that, but we can pray for them, hope their Holy Spirit guides him to be the real man.

5. Sexiest Man said I love you first and going to be altar with you another Sexiest man going to be priest too. 

the reason of this : because He know their purpose life about, to totally sacrifice with their neighbor or their loved ones. Maybe I’m kinda old fashion, even sometimes I said ” I-Love-You” things first but right now I choose to man to said it first. That’s the rule. We don’t need kneel on him, but He should kneel and asking the beautiful question (that I still waiting until now) .

So, I wish that my top list helping you to find the truth about sexiest Man. Not always about physically but I rather choose His act especially on woman.

But If you asking to me, Who is the sexiest Man on my life?

So with simply and proud I answer is JESUS CHRIST

and I still waiting the second sexiest man on my life.

Have a blessed sexiest Wednesday!





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There are so many things on my life I did not understand why that happened on me if I flash back again.

If I could choose to be back, I will learn to not fall into sin, I will not choose that way or this way either.

But that’s not life works, or God plans work.

Before I saved by Him, I was so hard to think why bad things always happened on me, beside great things happen.

But, right now – after He saved me over and over again. I realized God loves me. He really loves me, I know that bad things not from Him – but I was choose that bad things.


I know that God close with anyone even that people was runaway from Him. Sometimes If-If I’m like God – I will hurt because I saw so many people hurt me, hurt me everyday.

But I’m not God either, God have mercy and I believe about that. If everyone can define us by our mistake that we had before,our sins that we had before, our treasure that we had – but God never define us like that.

We still precious child on Him eyes. We still.

Even we had doing bad things


It’s so hard to understand anything, but God help us with Holy Spirit to help and guide us. So if you are right now going on difficult situation, or struggling something, ask that Holy Spirit to help you understand what God wants for you. Don’t choose randomly.

and God love you even you are great sinner or biggest sinner on the earth, as long as you ask His mercy with humble heart.

Malang, on rainy day – November 10th 2014




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Confession Sacrament

Don't afraid of confession
Don’t afraid of confession

I always scared,afraid and doubt whenever I wanna doing Confession sacrament.

I usually take Confession Sacrament when advent or easter session, another day I never have courage to ask.

I was afraid to ask because my priest will mad and judge me, I was afraid maybe the priest will be tell to anyone about my sins.

I think when I got Confession Sacrament twice on a year especially before christmas and Easter that’s fine because so many people will do that so the priest will not to care about my sins because there are alot people who waiting the priest to confess.

But, that’s the old me, a few a days ago. I ask confession sacrament to my priest after daily mass.

The reason I ask because I think I should to confess, I want a new life and confession sacrament makes me better.

I do still afraid, but my priest know that and helping me, I even know that He is not my priest, he is my Father, my God.

I have courage  after seeing this video from life teen international (you can search it with “confession sacrament”)

Another reason are I was feel calm,peacefully than before even I still struggle about my sin (someday I will tell about my struggle)

Pope Francis on Confession Sacrament
Pope Francis on Confession Sacrament

I know God is merciful and I need His mercy so I go to Confession Sacrament. I bring my doubt,my scared feeling, my confused feeling and also my sins instead and I said on my heart “take this Lord, I want renew my self as Your will”

I even declare to my self to take regularly  take confession sacrament, I think God so kind, He give us tool to erase our sin with that.

So I hope you have courage like me to take confession sacrament, trust me if you still afraid that priest will be mad on you because your sins was too bad or He will talk about your sins to another people that’s not compare with the joyful who you receive after get confession sacrament.

Beside that the priest have promise to God not to tell your sins, so you can enjoy think that you tell your sins to God.

God will listen to you, will help you and will give His mercy on you IF you believe and want.

So let me close this post with message from my papal – my Pope Francis.

message on confession by pope

God bless you all..


source picture : by pinterest & facebook



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World Youth Day

The best thing I want to do right now is join World Youth Day. To be honest I’m just interested on this since a week ago. I had been know about this, but deep in my heart always says “Its imposibble Ana to join that” so that hope was gone.

After God calling me, and I saw how awesome World Youth Day is. A few days before I’m always updating my self with news about World Youth Day and I says on my heart : This is what I need for,and this is what I wanted for.

The next world youth day will be held on Krakow,Poland on July 2016. I ‘m trying searching info from my country who will go there, I want to get the information and luckily I had the news today.

Thanks Lord

but *deep breath* the news is make me confused and panicked. Its about the cost to get there.


Yes I’m work – I get my salary full but to be honest I have so much responsibility to paid that and this. The cost to get WYD 2016 on Poland begin with USD $100/month . Its easy and helpfull actually, but for saving with that number – I feel give up , I feel “oh God – its impossible”. I still try to find another side job than my primary job.

To be honest, right now I feel confused, Should I join this World youth day? deep in my heart still said yes but my logic thinking said “with What? and how”

Nothing impossible with God – I believe that. Right now I’m just need asking to my heart and asking guide from Holy Spirit to the answer. I should ask the reason why I should join this, right now the reason are  I want join world youth day because I want to be a part from every catholic youth who praise God together. I want to enjoy their happiness when they praise God together as a catholic youth and also I wanna see Pope Francis live. LIVE on me.


I must decide 2 weeks from now, because registration will be open from that, for everyone who had chance to join this don’t throw it, DO IT!

I hope I can decide wisely – Let God and Holy spirit guide us.


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Weekend for Praise

Last saturday and sunday I feel so blessed and wonderfull instead happy and fun too. Everything begins on Friday Night, I was join Youth Community Charismatic Catholic. I’m new at that community, I feel so happy because that place was I wanted for long and missing for long after I join retreat at Tumpang.

On YCCC I was singing alot, and pray too and feel Holy Spirit comes, I meet new friends too which we praying each other and on that day my YCCC had 6th Anniversary  ( Happy Birthday YCCC HOPE) I get one gift after come.

I feel tired after join that community but I’m Happy, so much happy. I remember when I go to home I still singing. hahaha

At Saturday I have religious tour with another community the name of this community is St Yoseph the Worker Community or on Indonesia means KYP (Komunitas St Yusup Pekerja) , its really different from another YCCC but it was awesome too.

We go to Pusarang – to pray and devotion to St Mary. On St Yoseph Worker Community I feel so fun, happy and absolutely young. I was so blessed to be on that part community. This is some pict how fun we are

Religious Tour St Yoseph the Worker Community
Religious Tour St Yoseph the Worker Community

On this community I feel I found my home too, we are work together to praise Jesus and It was great.

Komunitas St Yusuf Pekerja Malang
Komunitas St Yusuf Pekerja Malang


Religious Tour at Pusarang Okt 14 by KYP


I was arrived at home at 10 pm at saturday after tour. I was so tired but I remember what God said on bible, ” A joyful heart is a good medicine” even I’m so tired but I’m happy. I’m grateful had chance to praise Jesus through His Mother again.

St Mary pray for us
St Mary pray for us

The reason I join their both community because I want to share my talent from God to the others, I want to learn from another presepective from the others and learn something new too.

and the story of praise not ended on saturday. At Sunday I was blessed again. I and my sister had chance to be lector on our chapel community, St Mark Chapel.

I usually had chance to be lector and I was bored bored bored. But right now its different I was feel blessing, because I had chance to share my talent to the others, I feel God use me to praise Him and thankfully on Him.

So I was make it as Joy and I take a picture before and after mass.

Happy to be lector
Happy to be lector – thanks God

Anyway, thanks God for your blessing and joy You give to me.For the new people you have give to me.

Please use me as your tool be the light and the salt of the world. Happy monday God.

Love you always

Anastasia Ajeng

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Know the Difference

Today I was surfing on the internet and suddenly open catholic playlist show on their website , I just want to hear some worship song and I was wondering because there are so many – many catholic singer and I never hear their songs.

Music on my life was important things because by hear music I feel rich *haha 😀 * but that’s true another that, I feel peace and I feel saved.  Lately I really like worship songs Newboys,JPCC,Nikita,Josh Groban,I’ll Divo and I just know them.

So after I surfing on catholic playlist show – I feel so WOW, and there so many catholic singer but their music was great. Right now I’m definitely fans of Matt Maher,PJ Anderson,Audrey Assad,Sarah Hart,The Priest and many more. For the people who had hear them song maybe I was so old  fashion, but for me as newbie and hear their songs I really-really enjoyed and I still open my ear to hear anything catholic singer or band.

Beside that, now I know the difference when I hear songs not worship and worship. When I hear worship song I feel strong again, I feel blessed, I feel happy, I don’t feel “melancholic” like when I hear not worship songs. It means I won’t erase all my collection about not worship songs, but I will selective again to hear what music I should hear.

One day, I was hear podcast, funny podcast but I’m forget who is speaking and I tell you, the theme of that podcast is “Do you put God on your ipod?” on that podcast,the speaker isn’t teach us to hate pop music nowadays, but the speakers teach us to selective see the truth on every lyrics, not only the rhythm is good but see the truth on the lyrics.

By knowing the difference its make us wise again to choose, its like when we read St Luke said today, to know the sign. For me another know the sign we should know the difference first.

So Let give ourselves to hear worship song, another that make us calm and that is the way we speak on God too. May you find the joy,the happiness,the truth on every music you hear.

God bless you and have great weekend,


Anastasia Ajeng

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Be not afraid – JP2 Quote

“Be not afraid – JP2 Quote”

Today is first year feast St John Paul II, for me He was wonderful and amazing. He dedicate him self with Mary through to Jesus. He was forgive someone who had attack him by gun and still treat the killer as his friends. Its awesome right?


I never seen him live – usually I see him on tv but I think he is great person.

I wish so many people especially are insipred by him, every his thought and his act.

So today I dedicated all prayer to Him, Happy first year feast St. John Paul II – thank you so much for bless and pray for us.

God bless,


source : weheartit

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Daily Mass


So,  right now I was really exited to following or attend mass everyday.

I feel Jesus invited us – of course it free – to come and see Him at mass especially on Eucharist. It’s not about i will be to be nun someday, or I was depressed because I just hurt broken (but I admit it that)

But when I’m attend mass I just feel peace and happiness. The happiness that I always try to find it on. I feel the moment on silence before mass want to started, is the moment God speak with me.

After following daily mass, maybe my problem still there (of course it is) but I feel so strong to courage my problem and also to face it.

I feel Jesus always said to me “come,seek me and join me on my party everyday” and that is Daily Mass.

It takes only 30 minutes on your life everyday to enjoy Jesus party.

I admit it that following daily mass need strong intention because for me I should wake up early morning, asking my driver to take me on church and I also I will come to work with early morning too.

But that’s worth it, I feel like I was reborn again , I have strong to face anything today and also I can find joy in every moments even on silence moment.

With following daily mass, I believe Christ come at there. It will be sad if Christ had given us 24 hours to work but we can repay by following and enjoy His party on Mass with only 30 minutes.

With following daily mass, I feel I was look and hug by Mother of God, Virgin Mary, I usually takes 15 minutes to pray rosary. When I feel I cant speak anything I just keep pray rosary because I believe Mary knows what I need.

So, will you take your time for enjoy Jesus Christ party on your life everyday at 30 minutes?

May your problem not solved but it changed you the way you see your problem.


May God bless you abundantly





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