Be Holy

Everyone wants to go on HEAVEN and I’m not sure if one of you want to go hell (heck no)

And the next question is,what should we do before so we can get tickets to heaven?

The simply way to answer is being holy.

“Nah, I’m a sinner,I’m not saint”

I almost hear that comment every time I suggest that people for choosing life to be holy, they only thought that Holy means only for saints.

But do you know that a saint was a sinner before?
It’s not about what we have done before, but how we become after.
I’m sure that, Life to be Holy is vocation of everyone, rather you are single,married, or celibacy.

God wants you to being holy, holy in everything you do.
And holiness is a long way journey, it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

But if I’m going to change my life to be holy, I’ll be alone because my friends will leave me

Of course No. Definitely No,
You are not alone, so many people have same purpose like you.
I know it because I was read great books from Flamma Publishing

Flamma Publishing
Shake Your Body, Holy and Sexy Relationship and also You Deserve the Truth.

When I read that books, I’m realize that I’m not alone to surviving life on holiness.

I really recommend for all my Catholic/Christian friends to read and buy that book (it’s not expensive to buy ,seriously)

They have many literature that you need it for being Holy based on the Bible (of course) and also from experience story from everyone who try to be holy everyday on their life.
Rather you are curious how to change your life to be holy or you are feeling lonely because nobody understand about your life because you choosing for being Holy.

I know how hard to life being Holy, but you are not alone.

When you fall you can read that book(again) that you are not alone because that book encourage you to stand up again.

I pray for you, My Brother and My Sister on Christ to be not afraid to life being Holy because that’s the purpose of God created us.


Special thanks for Flamma Publishing & Mbak Monica

and If you want to buy awesome book that I’ve told you on above, click on here.

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