Who Am I?

Hello there!

Thank you for walking around on my blog, I wish you found anything on here (the good ones – of course!)

Anastasia Ajeng

well, my name is Anastasia Ajeng, you can call me Ana or Ajeng. I’m female who try to living my life to be holy everyday because to be saint is vocation of everyone (REMEMBER THAT!)

I’m work at one of the biggest internet service provider on Indonesia and I’m very grateful about that.

I love funny jokes,great movies, books, arts, postcards and especially food. I can cry all the time when adoration or at mass or sometimes when watch short movie on youtube. I love taking picture too on my instagram,you can check my account on here.

The biggest impact on my life is when I learn to know about Theology of The Body from St John Paul II (even I know only from book-hope one day can follow TOB course), I really recommend TOB for everyone who needs and wants to know about what purpose of God created them.

Right now, my family is everything on my life, I’m the oldest of 3 beautiful sister. We still doing some cool activities like watching movies every friday nights or going to church every sunday.

All I need in this life is having ticket to go Heaven and I really mean it but going to Heaven is not easy, so I try to be Godly woman, to be Proverbs 31 Woman.

I love to read funny facts about saints too, I have so many favourite saints but I love St John Paul II because HE is SOOOO COOOL.

I love good quotes too, like this, “Be a Job 29 Man and I’ll be Proverbs 31 Woman and Together we can be Ephesians 5:22-23”


For me, Jesus is my wonderful father, my handsome-gorgeous-sexy man, my guy friends who listen me so much, my brother who keep & protect me.

I think that’s enough about me.

Well, I’ll pray for you all to be happy in every step on your life.

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto, Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper et in sae’cula saeculorum. Amen

Pax Vobis,





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      1. oh, malang… gereja katedral di jl. ijen, gereja kayutangan, seminari MF di… aduh, jl. lasem ya? trus, alun2 dan tentu saja rm. oen di pojokan itu.. 🙂
        udah sering ke sana tapi masih belum puas ngubek2 kota malang..

        1. wah maenannya kok ke seminari-seminari?
          hehehe, kalo saya senengnya ke karmelites di batu 😀
          yup, RM Oen masih ada sampai sekarang,
          ayo ke malang lagi, hunting foto lagi..
          saya juga masih belom puas ke Jogja,
          jangan bilang Bunda Maria di sendangsono ya, saya belum pernah mampir x_x

          1. lahh kok malah nanya mau jagoin siapa?! itu kan selera aja 😀 Kalo aku sih dari dulu emang gak suka Ferrari *piss* hihihi. Tapi emang mobilnya Ferarri sama Redbull paling stabil sih untuk saat ini, sayang pembalapnya songong. Haishhh kok aku jadi sotoy menyotoy tentang F1 gini yahh 😀

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