RIP Fr. Sixtus Leonard Beth Bary O.Carm

See you soon Romo Sixtus
See you soon Romo Sixtus

Monday Morning during I join mass, My Pastor who lead mass said this mass proudly present for remembering our friends, our servant Father Sixtus or in Indonesian meaning Romo Sixtus.

I really shock at that time. Seriously shock, until I didn’t completely hear about God message on that day – but Thanks God I know the message a bit.

I still not believe Father Sixtus was gone and he was died by accident after he give mass at one ministry.

He was died by his beloved motorcycle 🙁 , on that day I was asking why God take the funniest man on earth to see Him?


To be honest, I believe Father Sixtus didn’t know about me,but I know him when he was life. My sister who so lucky had teach by him.

He was a teacher at St. Albertus High School Malang or in Indonesia said Dempo. When I and my sister and also my parents sit and talk together – there always another funny story from this man (Fr. Sixtus) and I was wondering – who is Fr. Sixtus, why he so popular, why he was so lovely by his student?

so I find him on facebook and boomps I add it and He accept me. Seems a good Father…

Another story I was having fun on dempo night festival – that festival from St Albertus High School which held yearly. When Father Sixtus on stage, the crowd or  most people was so hysterically – everybody said “Romo Sixtussss – Romo Sixtuss” or Father Sixtus repeatedly more than They yell about the guest stars – yeah on dempo night festival there will be famous guest star on it and I think at the moment the guest star doesn’t about the singer but Father Sixtus. He was so loved by his student.

Time goes on, he was moving to another city, my sister was sad and also her friends, I think everybody was hurt to hear he was moving to Jember city – another places.


When my sister diagnosed have nephrotic syndrome about her kidney, I remember Father Sixtus -even he was moving, he call my sister by phone, he cheers my sister and he praying my sister too and it was honor from my family,I said on my heart He is great man – great Father.

Another personal story from me is, He said Happy Birthday on my facebook messenger through prayer too. I was so happy , so blessed for me because he notice my birthday when maybe I’m stranger for him.

He usually said Happy Birthday on every people who is on the birthday and if he have a chocolate, he will give it as a gift. I know this story from my sister. He also know every students names. EVERY STUDENT names. He makes my sister going daily mass everyday whenever she can.

He was funny man on earth that I know another Robbie Williams.

When I read his wall on facebook right now, I always cry, because he was kind person. He was remembered by his kindness and his love to the others. We lost another funniest man on earth. 🙁


If there a Hello, so there is will be a Good bye too, Maybe heaven need Father Sixtus right now (and Robbie Williams is not enough :p )

I believe Father Sixtus was on heaven right now, today I will join his funeral ceremonial, the requiem mass will be held tommorow morning at 9 AM. So from deep in my heart I would to say :

Thanks Father Sixtus, for inspired me how to serve each other with great love,You’ll be forever in my heart. FOREVER.

Please pray for us who still fight on this earth until we can together laugh on heaven. Rest in peace my Father Sixtus. 

so let me close this post by one lyrics from Audrey Assad

From the fear of serving others
From the fear of death or trial
From the fear of humility
Deliver me O God
Deliver me O God

And I shall not want, I shall not want
When I taste Your goodness I shall not want

Rest in Peace Father Sixtus – I’ll see you soon.

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