Day 5 : Religion #misi30

oh this theme made me thingking so hard.

To be honest, I have roller-coaster on my religion life (forgive me Jesus!) sometimes I really deeply into it, sometimes I dont care enough. 🙁

and lately I was being to be far away from religion activity (I feel it). I’d still go to church,following mess but I feel empty. Sometimes it was like ‘yaaaaw okay okay I’ve done mass’ but I still believe on God, still believe my faith. (don’t you ever ask me about change my faith)

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Day 04: Drugs & Alcohol #misi30

okay okay about drugs and alcohol.

before I explain too far I made statement that I never use drugs before but I had try to drink alcohol (4.8% alcohol still alcohol right?) but I’m not addicted into it, still believe that banana juice was better than alcohol. LOL

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Day 03 : Where I like to be on 10 years

Day 03 : where I like to be on 10 years from now?

So,where I like to be on 10 years from now ? Definitely on abroad from Indonesia. I will leave this country its not because I didn’t love my country but because I really want to know how upgrade and challenge myself to survive on abroad and I will enjoy snow – that’s what I want from little kids


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Day 01-Introduction & Recent Photo #misi30

Hi everyone, before I write about challenge for today I wanna take apologize because I had failed to write my mission on 30 days before,it only stay on 3 days, after that I was so busy and etc (dont blaming Jeng – dont blaming hahaha)

well, today I was happy because one of my best friend told me that she was so inspired to read my blog – and I was so happy and she ask me to keep write on this mission and also she join this challenge too. This is her blog.

Well, let me make amends about this challenge.



Okay I will introduce myself more than section “about me” on this blog.

My name Anastasia Ajeng (you know from this address) , you can call me Ana or Ajeng (usually for foreign people I recommend you to call me Ana because they felt so hard to said Ajeng) I was born on 90’s era and so proud about it.

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