Day 15 : My Handbag #misi30

hello people

Writing challenge today is about inside my bag. HAHAHA *why you laugh Ana?* Because you can see the woman from the bag her bring.

First of all, my boss always said that I usually bring big bag for work, and yes I always do. But its different when on weekend going to campus or party.

Well this is inside my bag

see how complicated I am *haha*

I have so many pocket for key,make up,some medicine,token for ibanking,rosary.

I usually bring additional bag its just to keep if I buy something *sounds like Moms* sometimes I bring umbrella too

That things always I bring everywhere I go, so you can imagine my life without that. HAHAHA except the drive book, because today I got drive class *finally I make it*


this is my bag

tomorrow I will tell about something in my fridge or my box..

so see you!

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Day 14 : Somewhere I’d like to move or visit

Hi everyone!

Happy monday, today I wanna talking about where place I wanna move or visit right now.

First I wanna move or visit Idar Oberstein – Germany

lovely idar oberstein

the reason its just because My BF lives there, but also IO have quite place for living and so many castle (like my dreams come true) if I live on there.

Second, I wanna visit to NY

time square NY
New York

seriously? NY yes, its to good to see NY Times Square hahaha, but not just like that, I wanna work at there.

Why I seems wanna runaway?

because I was feeling sucks to live here, first because my country condition not so good lately, and I think as citizen we have right to choose the best way for living.

but I love my BF not just only for help me to out this situation, but I wanna work at there too.

I wish this will be come true.


source by : pinterest

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Day 13 : Collect

Hi everyone – happy sunday…

Right now I always collecting coin money and yesterday ago I collect some of movie ticket cinema..

I wanna share the photos, but the coin was on my office :p and ticket cinema still on my box which I lazy to take, but promise me, tomorrow I will make it.


(edisi males nulis :D)


udpate janji

siapa yang mau recehnya…




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Day 12 : 10 songs pop up in my head

Oh I love this

1. Hunter Hayes – Wanted

2. Charli XCX – Boom Clap

3.Etta James  – A sunday Kind of love

4.Hunter Hayes  – I want crazy

5. Calvin Harris – Blame

6. Jason Mraz  – Long drive

7. Mandy Moore – Crush

8. Birdy – Tee Shirt

9.Javier C ft Natasha Beddingfield – As long as we got love

10. Train – Marry Me


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Day 10 : hope about my future

so about my future.

I didn’t expect to be wonderful to be future. I just want I can be good mom (seriously?) yes, I’m super serious

I wanna to be great and awesome wife for my husband,and the rock-star mom for my child.

of course for my career path I wanna work from home, lately I much thinking about start-up company.

I just wanna live on quiet place with my family, living enough (not rich),just a simply life.

I hope it will be happen on me.

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Day 9 : My favorite blog

5 my favorite blog


2. http://let–me–fly–you–to–the– (about LDR couple this is so cute)

3. buzzfeed (oh please can I change this to be website – hahaha)

4. Hello Giggles

5. (its about DIY) yeay


how about you?

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