Praying for your Future Spouse

Hello semuanya,

setelah lama vakum tulis menulis, ga tau kenapa disaat ngantuk melanda di hari sabtu minggu pertama bulan september ini (dan saya masuk kantor) saya ingin sharing sedikit mengenai tema tulisan saya hari ini.


alkisah ada teman saya yang frustasi menjadi single. Dia sudah melakukan segala cara untuk mendapatkan pasangan hidup (kalo pacar kesannya unyu-unyu ya :p) dan teman saya ini sudah tidak ABG lagi.

jangan tanya perihal doa/ibadah wah udah berpuluh bahkan ton-ton doa dia panjatkan supaya mendapatkan pasangan hidup sampai-sampai dia frustasi dan jadi pity single person.

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Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary to My Parents!

Dear Mom & Dad,

First of all, I wanna say thank you for always love me by taking care of me. I’m really grateful everyday especially today on your special day.

I always have anxiety about the future will become, because so many dark times attack on many family, but you teach and show that true love still exist.

I know the road until 26th years it doesn’t easy, so many problems you had faced (and still till right now) but you both still stand each other.

mom & dad

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Be Holy

Everyone wants to go on HEAVEN and I’m not sure if one of you want to go hell (heck no)

And the next question is,what should we do before so we can get tickets to heaven?

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Today I was talking with my facebook friends, He told me that he was so depressed about his singleness. So like usually I encourage him, but I think what I said doesn’t help him much #oh Lord! To be honest, Today I feel same like him, No -just a bit , but not depresed :p

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Single but in relationship with Jesus

Okay, postingan ini saya mau nulis pake bahasa indonesia saja, karena draftnya masih ada di dalam kepala, ga yakin banget kalo nulisnya pakai bahasa inggris 😀 I’m single but I’m totally relationship with Jesus Setelah begitu banyak drama dalam kehidupan cinta saya (ciee cinta :p – uhuk) Saya belajar satu hal yang selalu gagal bagi

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Saved by His grace

last week on Sunday, as catholic we celebrate the feast Christ The King and I was on duty being a lector or reading the bible on mass. I usually read the bible before going mass especially when I’m on duty so I’m not only to read them to people, but I really make them understand

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Marriage part 2

Hey Everyone 😀 [give all high FIVE] I wish every of you is good like me, Amen. Today I will talk about marriage, yes I was told you about the marriage on here but seems like when I wrote that, I still on high tension of emotion. Sorry, because I was so stressfull about it. Right

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The Sexiest Man

Hay EVERYONE!! I was happy because this topic I got after surfing internet today beside today is Father Day – so Happy Father day for every Father in the world, even Father to be – You awesome Man! Because for me being Father is really coolest, the sexiest thing too and I believe every man

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There are so many things on my life I did not understand why that happened on me if I flash back again. If I could choose to be back, I will learn to not fall into sin, I will not choose that way or this way either. But that’s not life works, or God plans

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Confession Sacrament

I always scared,afraid and doubt whenever I wanna doing Confession sacrament. I usually take Confession Sacrament when advent or easter session, another day I never have courage to ask. I was afraid to ask because my priest will mad and judge me, I was afraid maybe the priest will be tell to anyone about my

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